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Coleco – The Official Book Coleco – The Official Book Review

As a retro gamer, there is a lot of history to take in that all began with the simplest concept of the video game. Pioneers in bringing these games to home tele...[Read More]

Review: Blue Exorcist (Manga)

Blue Exorcist has an interesting story about a boy, Rin Okumura, who discovers that he is the son of Satan. This is a pretty intense series that is heavily base...[Read More]

Book Review: Doctor Who

Recently, BBC released three brand new novels based on its incredibly popular franchise, Doctor Who. I could have easily reviewed each book from Broadway Paperb...[Read More]

Review: Marvel Super Heroes Magazine Issue 1

So, here we have Disney and Marvel’s activities magazine for youngsters. Let’s take a look and see what we have.

Book Review: Ico: Castle in the Mist

It seems like a cliche these days. Say the name of the game Ico and everyone expects praise. And by this point, everyone knows the idea of the minimalist game w...[Read More]

Review: Geek Dad Books

I have to admit, for the most part I had some pretty cool parents when I was growing up. As far back as I can remember (which is back to around 1985-ish), I was...[Read More]

Review: The Old Republic: Revan

The Old Republic:  Revan, by Drew Karpyshyn, was one of the most highly anticipated Star Wars novels of the year.  It came out just in time (on my birthday, in ...[Read More]

Review: The Sigh

The author of Persepolis is getting a fairy tale of hers released in the US. How does it match up with her previous work? Pretty well.

Joker Week: Lovers and Madmen

Joker week continues, my lovely mad little fools, and today we have a juicy one. Lovers and Madmen, done by the team of Michael Green, Denys Cowan and John Floy...[Read More]

Joker Week: The Man Who Laughs

We’re halfway through Joker Week, and I’m hoping my sanity continues to hold up, despite all the exposure to madness. In keeping with the theme of J...[Read More]

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