Music Reviews

Green Day’s Revolution Radio Review

Despite a change in themes and studio quality, Green Day has been producing chart-topping music since the early 1990s, and has been inducted into the Rock and R...[Read More]

Random Encounter- The Big Blue LP Review

Random Encounter is a rock group out of Orlando Florida that focuses on video game music whether its arrangements of your favorite classic game tunes or wonderf...[Read More]

The Social Network Score

The Social Network is one of the year’s best films. The dialogue is razor sharp, the acting is top notch, and the music is visceral and unsettling. And wh...[Read More]

Playlist: Last Bullet

With recent reviews of Prince, Queen and Deftones, I thought it was only right we take a step away from mainstream media and, instead, take a step towards suppo...[Read More]

Linkin Park: Stumbling Into A Better Direction

Nu-metal is an ugly term to many, especially rock purists. Like every fad though, it had it’s time in the limelight and has since faded. Linkin Park was o...[Read More]

Comeback Kid “Symptoms and Cures” Album Review

Comeback Kid is back. It’s about damn time.

Avenged Sevenfold “Nightmare” Album Review

Back in December, Avenged Sevenfold lost their drummer “The Rev.” So you have to give them credit some eight months or so later that they’re r...[Read More]

Deftones Diamond Eyes

I have been a fan of Deftones for over ten years now. I was introduced to them by My Own Summer (Shove It), Back To School (Mini Maggit) & Change (In The Ho...[Read More]

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