Among Us Animated Series Coming From CBS Studios

Among Us Animated Series Coming From CBS Studios

Exciting news has surfaced in the world of animation as CBS Studios, in partnership with eye animation productions, embarks on a project to adapt the wildly popular 2018 video game Among Us into an animated TV series. Variety reports that the studio’s eye animation productions are working on an animated adaptation of the famous 2018 video game. Developer Innersloth will be co-producing with the studio. Owen Dennis, the creator of the popular Cartoon Network show Infinity Train, will produce the show via an overall deal with CBS Studios. Additionally, it should be noted that Dennis’s deal for Among Us was made under the animation guild and, as such, is not subjected to the restrictions of the WGA.  Titmouse, the studio behind Netflix’s Big Mouth, is said to be involved.  A platform hasn’t been decided on as of yet.

Among Us centers on a group of astronauts who are under siege by an alien imposter who has taken over a member of the crew. The objective is to root out the imposter before they can kill everyone aboard the ship.

The selection of the appropriate outlet will be critical to this show’s success. While Paramount + might seem like an obvious choice, Given the service’s recent removal of several shows, including the animated Star Trek Prodigy, HBO Max or Netflix might be a better choice (particularly the latter considering the aforementioned Big Mouth)

That said, this news is just dying the latest boon for video game adaptations. From Netflix’s Castlevania, HBO’s Last of Us, and the recent billion-dollar grosser Super Mario Brothers from Universal, video games have finally made good on screen, whether in cinemas or streaming. I can’t wait to see our colorful astronauts in animation. 

Are you excited about an Among Us tv series? Where do you think is the best place for this show to land? Are you familiar with Dennis’s work on Infinity Train? What was your favorite part of playing the game?

Let us know in the comments, and stay tuned to Marooners Rock for more video game and animation news!


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