Frank is an aspiring writer, YouTuber, and comedian, who is always looking to entertain. He's been gaming since a young age and is an avid gaming enthusiast. While platformers are his genre of choice, he plays a diverse range of games on any and every platform. When he's not playing or collecting video games, Frank enjoys tinkering around with electronics, cooking delicious foods, adventuring to new and unique places, and trying bizarre and exotic foods.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Arrives This October

There was a plethora of Mario announcements during the June 2023 Nintendo Direct. Perhaps the biggest announcement of the show, came in the form of an all-new entry in the Super Mario Bros. series. Immediately apparent is that it’s not a continuation of the New Super Mario Bros. franchise, but rather an all-new entry. The most shocking news is that Super Mario Bros. Wonder releases this fall...[Read More]

HD Remake of Super Mario RPG Announced!

Rumors were rumbling that there was going to be a Super Nintendo remake announced sometime this summer. Wednesday’s June 2023 Nintendo Direct had an incredible amount of Mario-related announcements. Not only did we receive confirmation of an all-new 2D Mario, but an HD remake of Super Mario RPG. The legendary classic will be heading to Nintendo Switch this Holiday season.

Nintendo Download June 1st 2023

Coming off one of Nintendo’s most successful months, The Big N is back with their weekly eShop fix.  From a trio of RPG classics, a prisoner simulation, to a Namco classic, this is the Nintendo Download for June 1st, 2023!

Nintendo Download for May 11th 2023

Every single week, the Nintendo Switch eShop receives a ton of new releases. It’s not every day that Nintendo drops a new heavy-hitter first-party title. The Nintendo Download for May 11th, 2023 features over 40 new titles heading to Nintendo Switch, including the long-awaited next entry in The Legend of Zelda series. These are some of the games heading to the Nintendo eShop digital storefro...[Read More]

Game Freak and Private Division Announce New Partnership Title – Project Bloom

Developer Game Freak is notorious for their collaborative efforts with Nintendo over the past 27 years. From Pokémon’s Game Boy origins in 1996, to last year’s Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, the franchise has indisputably made a name for the Tokyo-based studio. While Pokémon may be what made the company a household name, Game Freak has developed other games. One of their earliest examples being 1994’...[Read More]

Nintendo Download for April 27th 2023

Each week, the Nintendo Switch eShop is bombarded with a plethora of new releases. Nintendo games heading to the eShop. The Nintendo Download for April 27th, 2023 features over 50 new titles heading to Nintendo Switch. These are some of the games heading to the Nintendo eShop digital storefront this week.



Narvitech NJ300 HDMI External Capture Card Review

With the ever-growing rise of streaming, capturing gameplay footage has never been more popular. For many, this was an unattainable feat, due to the exorbitant pricing of many mainstream capture cards and high-end PCs. While some contemporary consoles include the ability to record gameplay footage internally, the experience still has its limitations. Fortunately, the folks at Narvitech have releas...[Read More]

Nintendo Download for April 20, 2023

2023 has been an incredibly condensed year for gaming and Nintendo is partially to thank. While some of Nintendo’s heavy hitters aren’t expected for another month, the eShop has plenty of titles to keep fans entertained. From beloved tactical Game Boy Advance remasters to sequels 10 years in the making, the Nintendo Download for April 20th is jam-packed! These are some of the games hea...[Read More]

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Booster Course Pass Predictions

On March 9th of this year, Nintendo released the fourth wave of the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Booster Course Pass. Prior waves each added eight additional racetracks, however, this update also added Birdo as a playable racer. Below Birdo, on the character select screen, five additional locked character slots have also appeared. While Nintendo has yet to officially confirm they will be adding more racers...[Read More]

Super Bomberman R 2 Blasts Onto Shelves This September

Konami’s immensely popular bomber person has gone on to star in a multitude of titles, dating back to 80s personal computers. Bomberman’s most recent release was Super Bomberman Online, a Free-To-Play spinoff of 2017’s Super Bomberman R. The newest entry in the Bomberman series, Super Bomberman R 2, was announced in June of 2022. Today Konami officially confirmed a release date o...[Read More]

Blast Brigade Physical Editions Available March 5th

Back in April of last year, developer Allods Team Arcade in partnership with publisher MY.GAMES released their personality-filled retro-inspired platformer Blast Brigade vs. the Evil Legion of Dr. Cread to the world. Blast Brigade has found success, resulting in boasting many positive reviews from gamers and critics alike, as well as winning a few Dev Gamm awards. Having previously been a digital-...[Read More]

February 2023 Nintendo Direct – Everything Announced!

Today’s Nintendo Direct showcased many new releases! The jam-packed 40-minute presentation showed off games releasing later this year on the Nintendo Switch. From Pikmin 4 to The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom here is everything Nintendo announced during their February 2023 Nintendo Direct!

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