Street Fighter 6 (Xbox Series X) Review

There is no doubt that Capcom had a rocky launch of Street Fighter V. Its console release was limited, there were fewer characters, and there was almost no story to go along with it. In the course of over five years of development, they were able to make it one of the biggest fighting games in recent history, as well as add new content to it. With Street Fighter 6 being released, what type of comparison can be made between the game and its predecessor?

Even before the game was released, Street Fighter 6 (from this point onwards referred to as SF6) looked very promising. The fighting game community (FGC) was given the chance to take part in both closed and open betas for SF6 in order to get a better idea of what the game had to offer. In addition to participating in two betas, I was also able to experience some of the new mechanics and game modes that have been introduced in this game.

Multiple Gameplay Options

There are the usual modes included in SF6: Arcade, Versus, Online, Ranked, etc., as you would expect. For those who are looking for a familiar Street Fighter experience, Arcade is what you should consider. During the game, you can get a glimpse at the story behind the character you select, participate in a few bonus rounds, and finish the game. Additionally, you can use very comprehensive tutorials and combos trails. This will help you as a player become better skilled in the online play that lets you take the skills you’ve learned and worked on against real-world opponents. If you’re looking for something different there’s also extreme battles. Extreme battles separate rules and gimmicks change the way the game is played.

You can also take your created avatar to walk around to participate in Avatar Battles. In this hub, you can even sit down at an arcade cabinet old school style to wait for other opponents to take you on. From there you can also wait for ranked/casual matches to take part in.

For single-player fans, World Tour is the equivalent of “Story Mode.” With a VERY robust character creator tool, you create a character and then take them into Metro City to set out on your quest. While it has elements of open-world games, it also allows you to explore at your own pace. It combines the best aspects of both. You’ll meet the cast of SF6 as a story unfolds taking you to various locations in Metro City and around the world.

Challenge Anyone Anywhere

The game allows you to challenge almost anyone to a fight, purchase clothing, and meet up with some of the cast members of SF6. You can have any of the cast be your “master” as you equip them with their fighting style. In addition to that, the customization doesn’t stop there. The more masters you meet and talk with, the more moves you can add to your arsenal. Imagine combining Jamie’s special moves with Ken’s and using Chun-Li’s, Super Art?! There are plenty of quests, cameos, and references scattered throughout the game and if you’re a super fan of the Street Fighter series, you will be delighted with all that’s been put in there. If you’re new to the Street Fighter series, this is a great way to learn whose fighting style you mesh well with.

Color Explosion

SF6 has a very rich cast and the art style looks incredible. Seeing paint splatters when a character uses a Drive Impact makes the screen explode with color. The different locals, both in Metro City and around the world in World Tour, have so much life to them. Each environment is lush and stands out. Character models are very detailed and the intros/outros for each one shine.

Slick And Responsive

The controls of the game are very responsive and slick. SF6 has been played on a fight stick, Xbox One controller, and the Elite V.2 controller. Throughout my testing I never found any input delays when using these different controllers. There are several things that make SF6 stand out from the crowd this time around, and one of them is the variety of methods of control. You will notice that Classic is your standard 6-button control scheme. Modern on the other hand, goes one step further. With a 4-button control scheme and puts special moves on one button, and Dynamic uses only three buttons PLUS AI assistance. If you are someone who hosts gatherings regularly, I think Dynamic controls are an excellent option. This is especially so for those either new to fighting games or who do not play them regularly.

Sounds & Music

Street Fighter games have always had a unique flair in their music and SF6 is no different. The soundtrack grows on you the more you play. Fighter grunts and hits sound real and carry weight to them. A unique feature in SF6 is the live commentary track. Famous commentators will give you a play-by-play, making you feel like you’re in the tournament scene.

Closing Thoughts

Street Fighter 6 has something for everyone. A very engaging and fun single-player mode with World Tour and its online and local multiplayer modes are top-notch. A new era of fighting games has begun, and with Street Fighter’s best game in years, Street Fighter 6 is the perfect champion to lead us.

Street Fighter 6 is available now on Xbox Series X/S, Windows, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

A copy of the game was provided for the purpose of this review.


  • Easy to pick up regardless of skill level
  • Installs in sections so you can choose what you want to play
  • New control methods
  • Classic Street Fighter matches with a touch of new dynamics


  • Attire can be a little silly depending on how you created your character
  • Unfiltered Avatar names in Battle Hub
  • More obscure battles (Avatar, Extreme) seem to have longer queue times


Gameplay - 10
Graphics - 9
Controls - 10
Audio/SFX - 10
Replay Value - 10
Mike Robles has been in the gaming industry for almost 20 years. He’s been in QA, marketing, and community management. In his spare time he sings karaoke, watches horror films, and writes reviews for Marooners' Rock

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