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Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission VR launches July 13th for PSVR 2

The Wolf is back. Taito and Microids unveiled the first gameplay trailer for Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission VR. This update of the classic light-gun shooter brings forth all the modern features one would come to expect. A new campaign, classic shooting action, and waves of bad guys await players in this grand return of the classic.



Aliens: Fireteam Elite Review (Switch)

Two years after the successful Aliens: Fireteam Elite, the tough and talented hombres at Cold Iron Studios have completed the circle by releasing the game on Nintendo Switch. This newest release includes all patches and content, including the Pathogen DLC expansion with new weapons and missions. While the game exists on Steam Deck as well, there are those that simply prefer Nintendo Switch or are ...[Read More]

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2 Shows of more Gameplay

Death is eternal. Marines live forever. During the annual Warhammer Skulls Festival, Focus Interactive and Saber Interactive unveiled more gameplay footage for the highly-anticipated sequel to Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine. Blood and limbs scatter across the battlefield in this gory but satisfyingly further look into the world of Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2.

Synapse Unveiled During PlayStation Showcase for PSVR2

Time is everything. During the PlayStation May Showcase, nDreams unveiled Synapse. Described as “Inception meets FPS”, Synapse is set to bring the trademark action that nDreams is known for but set it into a surreal and strange sci-fi world. The trailer shows fluid action set in a strange world. Not much is known but the description labels the world a “mindscape.” The envir...[Read More]

Renowned Gacha Tower of Fantasy launching for PlayStation this Summer

An adventure unfolds in the furthest reaches of space. Tower of Fantasy was announced during the May 2023 PlayStation showcase. This surprising announcement reveals the acclaimed gacha game is now heading to the PlayStation platform. Tower of Fantasy is a free-to-play open-world action RPG with a fusion of Japanese mythology and cybernetic cyber fantasy.

Sclash Unleashes Intense 1v1 Samurai Action on August 4th, 2023

The journey begins in the heat of the Summer. Developer Bevel Bakery and Publisher just for Games have announced a release date for its ambitious 1v1 samurai action game, Sclash. Slashing its way with a breathtaking visual presentation that feels like a traditional water painting, Sclash encourages players to fight not with their swords but with their minds and bodies.

The Arrival of Five Nights at Freddy’s Teaser Trailer Raises More Questions Than Answers

Be ready for Freddy. The first teaser trailer for Five Nights at Freddy’s was just unveiled on Youtube. The 49-second teaser is brief but does hint at what to expect in this first theatrical adaptation. More than ten years since it first debuted on PC, the Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise takes a stab at theatrical R-Rated horror for the very first time and the teaser looks incredibly...[Read More]

Rift Rangers Set to Launch on May 24th, Exiting Early Access Phase

There’s always chaos in the cosmos. Epic Interactive Story has announced an ambitious new auto-battler with a focus on space and Sentai, Rift Rangers. This cosmic new auto battler has spent the past few months in Early Access and is now set to take on the world at the end of the month when it launches on Steam on May 24th.

Everspace 2’s Successful Launch Garners Acclaim in Accolades Trailer

All Systems Go. Everspace 2 has had an incredibly successful launch. Following its time in Early Access and at PAX EAST 2023, the game has been met with incredibly positive praise across the board. As a successor to the 2017 rogue-like smash-hit, Everspace 2 enters a universe where the fate of all rests with one seemingly immortal clone.

Sony Releases New Trailer for Gran Turismo Movie featuring Orlando Bloom and David Harbour

Prepare for the ultimate racing simulation. Sony Pictures has dropped the first trailer for their highly-anticipated racing movie, Gran Turismo. This release marks the first theatrical adaption of the famed racing simulator and features a well-known director helming the movie, accompanied by a strong cast. Based on a true story, Gran Turismo is the latest theatrical effort from PlayStation followi...[Read More]



Strayed Lights (Steamdeck) Review

Life is a complex concept. It is a question with many answers but entering these answers are the emotions we feel. Happiness, sadness, rage, kindness, empathy, these emotions hold great power and are what makes us who we are. Discussing such subjects yields an entirely different experience. Every person one sees is somewhat different than every other person in the world. Those feelings are grounde...[Read More]



Sisu (Movie) Review

Action films have been enjoying something of a Renaissance over the last several years. Whether it’s the Fast and Furious films or the recently concluded (for now) John Wick films, action fans have been flocking to theaters to see how these stars and filmmakers top themselves with each installment. The latest offering to the genre comes in the form of Fienish actioner Sisu written and direct...[Read More]

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