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Hardcore gaming enthusiast, cosplayer, streamer, tall anime lover (6ft 9), and a die-hard competitor. I have been a Pop-Culture Journalist since 2011 specializing in shooters, Pokemon, and RPGs. A former writer for, VGGaming HQ, TheNerdStash, and The Nerdy Con Artist. One day, I hope to travel the world while working in the video game industry or as a professional gamer. Do you want to join in on a game or see what I am up to? Come follow/message me at Killerkdemons. Open to all freelance opportunities.

Assassin’s Creed SGF 2023 Preview

On Monday, June 12th, 2023, Ubisoft Showcased their upcoming line-up of games set to release in 2023 and 2024. Although there was no information about upcoming Far Cry projects and no appearance by Beyond Good and Evil 2, the Ubisoft Forward showcase showed off a variety of other games. Most notably, Ubisoft fans got new information on Assassin’s Creed Jade, Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, Pri...[Read More]

Two Western Digital Xbox Expansion Cards Potentially Leaked

When it comes to storage on the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, both devices are abysmal. If you had stated that a device would have a terabyte of storage space when the Xbox 360 was out, gamers would be excited; during that time, 1TB could hold most of your games and DLC without ever having to make space. Now, one terabyte (1TB) of space can only hold at best six of the top games. If you like to...[Read More]

May 2023 PlayStation Showcase Recap

in recent years, May has become an important month for Sony. Choosing to skip the industry standard event of E3 and Summer Game Fest, Sony has decided to showcase their games before anyone else. Typically, Sony’s exclusive games will still show at Summer Game Fest, but the overall excitement from the initial announcement surpasses anything else. This year, Sony had a ton of new games to show...[Read More]



Tin Hearts Review (PlayStation 5) – An Emotional Game With Heart

When it comes to video games, some can elicit a wide variety of emotions. Excitement and jubilation when completing an impossible challenge. Dispair or frustration when losing a competitive match. Wonder and curiosity when exploring a new world or finding something new in a world that you have explored before. Anger or disgust when something you’ve been working on doesn’t pay off, save...[Read More]



Road 96 Mile 0 (Xbox) – Do a Kick Flip Resistance Fighters

Sometimes when you play a demo for a game, you expect that the rest of the game will be exactly like the demo. Often a demo will show exactly what the game is about; other times, the demo will bait players in or set an unrealistic precedent of what to expect from the game. Only a few times have we played through a demo and gotten a different experience.  Now, this isn’t always a bad thing. A...[Read More]

May 2023 Games with Gold & PlayStation + Offers

With less than a week until the start of May, the May 2023 Games with Gold and PlayStation + offers have been revealed. If you have not already picked up the April 2023 GWG or PS+ offers make sure to do so. The April Games with Gold offers are Peaky Blinders: Mastermind and Out of Space: Couch Edition. The April PlayStation Plus offers are Meet Your Maker, Sackboy: A Big Adventure, and Tails of Ir...[Read More]

Tin Hearts Launches on Nintendo Switch First

When it comes to exclusives, what do you think of? Do you think of Final Fantasy releasing exclusively on PlayStation? What about Ghostwire Tokyo launching on PlayStation first? Rarely do we talk about games launching exclusively on Xbox or Nintendo first that aren’t first-party titles. Within recent years, Nintendo and Microsoft have worked closely sharing some titles with one another. Rare...[Read More]

Sucker for Love: Date to Die For PAX East 2023 Preview

Are you a fan of Dating sims? What about horror games? Well if you answered no to both of these, then you should probably not check out any of DreadXP’s amazing games. Earlier this week we shared with you our PAX East 2023 preview of My Friendly Neighborhood, a scary blend of Resident Evil 4 and children’s puppets. If you answered yes, then you should check out their game Sucker for Lo...[Read More]

Road 96: Mile 0 PAX East 2023 Preview

Over the years, we have found that a game’s soundtrack can make or break a game. When it comes to games that revolve around music, a bad soundtrack can suck the soul out of a game; meanwhile, an amazing soundtrack can draw players into the action and cause them to lose track of time. At PAX East 2023, we met with Digixart to preview their now-released game, Road 96: Mile 0. For fans of the o...[Read More]

Tin Hearts PAX East 2023 Preview

Last year, we met with Wired Productions to preview their upcoming games Arcade Paradise, The Last Worker, and my personal favorite, Tin Hearts. Since then, Arcade Paradise has been released to very positive reviews and The Last Worker has been released to mixed reviews. If you haven’t heard of either of these games, you should check them out. The Last Worker actually released last week on M...[Read More]



WWE 2K23 Review (Xbox) – Even Stronger?

When it comes to sports and simulation games, graphics, player accuracy, and gameplay are three of the most important factors to players; when you look at most sports games, the biggest positives or complaints come from these three factors. In 2019, 2K and Visual Concepts released WWE 2K20 which many considered the worst WWE game to date. With poor game mechanics and buggy visuals, many avoid the ...[Read More]

My Friendly Neighborhood PAX East 2023 Preview

When it comes to Horror games, few can hold a light to Resident Evil 4 (2005). Now, this is not to say that there haven’t been excellent Horror games, but Resident Evil 4 is often considered one of, if not the best horror game out there; this includes the Resident Evil 4 Remake that was released last week. With Resident Evil 4 as a marker to live up to, Silver Chains, The Evil Within, Sons o...[Read More]

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