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Super Bomberman R 2 Blasts Onto Shelves This September

Konami’s immensely popular bomber person has gone on to star in a multitude of titles, dating back to 80s personal computers. Bomberman’s most recent release was Super Bomberman Online, a Free-To-Play spinoff of 2017’s Super Bomberman R. The newest entry in the Bomberman series, Super Bomberman R 2, was announced in June of 2022. Today Konami officially confirmed a release date o...[Read More]

Brook Wingman XB 2 Converter Review

Microsoft’s most recent approach has been accessibility. One of the company’s biggest innovations of the last two generations has been its backwards compatibility. Games originally developed for the original Xbox and Xbox 360 are all backwards compatible with Xbox One and Series consoles. Brook Accessory’s Wingman XB 2 Converter aims to match that backwards compatibility and then some, by pr...[Read More]

Catmaze Now Available On Consoles!

Back in 2018, developer Redblack Spade released Catmaze exclusively onto Steam. This fairytale take on the Metroidvania genre was incredibly well received and has received many updates since its launch. In partnership with Ratalaika Games, Redblack Spade has released Catmaze onto contemporary consoles.

Gungrave G.O.R.E PAX West 2022 Preview

As the wise Youtube channel, TeamFourStar, once said, “Bitches love cannons.” For those who haven’t seen Hellsing Abridged, it is a joke, that a female vampire says when shooting a giant rifle. If you have not seen it and are curious, here is a link to two scenes with the reference. The reason why this reference is pertinent to our PAX West 2022 coverage of Gungrave G.O.R.E is du...[Read More]

Everything Announced During Ubisoft Forward 2022

Yesterday, Ubisoft launched their live stream, Ubisoft Forward. This showcase featured many upcoming Ubisoft titles, including many previously unannounced titles! The nearly 2-hour-long digital event featured many hit franchises, including; Mario + Rabbids, Just Dance, Tom Clancy, and Assassin’s Creed.

September 2022 PS+ Vs Games with Gold

Rockers, we are already a third of the way through September; that’s right soon we will have to wake Billie Joe Armstrong up for Spooky season. If you do not get that joke then you might enjoy some of the games on the September 2022 PS+ and Games with Gold offers. Over the last year, the PlayStation Plus lineup has gradually become more impressive while the Games with Gold lineup has gone do...[Read More]

Saints Row (2022) Trophy List

The launch of Saints Row (2022) is now just a week away. Over the last week, multiple outlets received their copies of the upcoming reboot of the popular Saints Row franchise. Because review copies are currently in circulation, the complete list of Saints Row (2022) trophies has been revealed. Now if you are looking to avoid any potential spoilers for the game, leave the site now. Looking over the...[Read More]

Digimon Survive – What to Expect on Launch

Last month, Bandai Namco Entertainment released a new trailer for their upcoming game, Digimon Survive. After a decently long wait, Digimon Survive is now here. In the release date trailer, the trailer description cites the following, “When Takuma Momozuka finds himself lost on a school camping trip, he’ll be transported to a mysterious and dangerous world full of creatures called Digimon. On his ...[Read More]

Persona Franchise Comes to Xbox

These past few days have been crazy with the amazing news that I couldn’t keep up on my end. When I finally got the chance to sit down at home, catch up on news, and watch the streams I could always see my bank account telling me NO I don’t need it! One such announcement was when Atlus announced that Persona 3, Persona 4 Golden, and Persons 5 Royal are coming to Xbox.

Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium Releasing This Summer

Back in 2021, Capcom released Capcom Arcade Stadium. This unique compilation gave players the option to purchase arcade classics a-la-carte and display them in a 3D-rendered arcade. Capcom just revealed Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium, which features 32 different Capcom arcade classics!

MultiVersus Alpha Hands-On Impressions

When you hear the words MultiVersus what do you think of? Arguably, the first thing that comes to mind is Marvel’s Multiverse; this is especially true in the recent release of Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. If you have yet to watch that, you probably should or wait until comes to Disney +. However, DC, Specifically Warner Bros, looks to play off Marvel’s notoriety with the ...[Read More]

TEN – The Gauntlet Begins on June 3rd

The platforming genre has evolved quite a bit, from its initial roots. Beloved indies like Super Meat Boy introduced many to the sub-genre and would go on to revolutionize it. Ratalaika Games has made a name for themselves, both publishing and porting many games to PC, mobile, and console. In collaboration with developer The Bworg, Ratalaika Games introduced TEN – Ten Rooms, Ten Seconds; a tough-a...[Read More]

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