Minecraft Dungeons Rune Locations (SPOILERS)

Minecraft Dungeons Rune Locations (SPOILERS)

With the game set to release on May 26th, 2020 we’ve had enough time to explore the lands to find quite a few extra levels. Some details on the secret level have been revealed by the team Lords of Gaming.

Be warned clicking the link before this is an end game SPOILER!

Are you looking to see if the game is worth picking up? You can read my full review located here. While playing online alongside Jason over at Gamerheadquarters we teamed up to find the locations of each and to check out the ??? level. This did take some time to really look into each area of the game to find.

Be warned, if you’re looking up the locations of the Runes this is 100% spoiler for you. So if you want to scroll below and watch the video below you may do so or the screenshots showing off the locations.

As I’ve warned you above, these are the full locations of where to find the runes within Minecraft Dungeons. There are 9 locations within the game to find a hidden rune, but one rune both Jason and I agree on is that it takes beating the game to unlock one of the 10 runes. So the game MUST be beaten once. Each of these is needed to open up a doorway within the campsite and gain entrance to the secret level.

Final warning this video below contains spoilers of the Secret Level!


Location 1: Creeper Woods

When you’re late in the level, you’ll have the chance to save a handful of illagers. Near the left side you’ll see an area that looks like below. Simply click the button and the door.

Location 2: Soggy Swamp

Near the end of the level, you’ll see some towers near the final steps. On the right side a button will be hidden for you to push. This will unlock the door to the rune on this level.

Location 3: Cacti Canyon

When you’re collecting the blue key later in the level, there will be a hidden button to push behind a palm tree. Once clicked the door will open nearby for your next rune.

Location 4: Pumpkin Pastures

Soon as you get to the part with a wall portion. Travel to the end and there will be a lever hidden behind boxes. Flipping this switch opens up the wall to reveal an opening and your next rune.

Location 5: Redstone Mines

When you get to the second time you are freeing the villagers left behind. The button will be hidden near the top area. Finding this button will open up the wall, which reveals another cave that takes you to the rune.

Location 6: Desert Temple

Very early in the level, when you obtaining the Gold Key. Keep an eye on the wall walking out from the Gold Key as there will be a level on the wall for you to pull. Be sure to look behind that tree!

Location 7: Fiery Forge

Soon as you finish off the first room and head to the next. Don’t head too far! The lever in this area is very close. Soon as you get into the next area, head near the bottom to find a lever waiting for you and another door to open up.

Location 8: Highblock Halls

When you get later in the level, where you head outside and raining outside. Be sure to stick near the top areas. On one of the walls outside in the stormy area is another lever for you to pull.

Location 9: Obsidian Pinnacle

Quite some time into the level when you head inside, be sure to check the bookshelves near the end of this area as one is a means to open up a door.

Big thank you goes out to Jason at Gamerheadquaters as we explored our ways around to find each location just for you. Be sure to check out Jason on YouTube and his site Gamerheadquaters.

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