You Shouldn’t Sleep on The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes

You Shouldn’t Sleep on The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes

If you are like me and are missing the opportunity to hang out with your friends and have a game night, then you are also probably searching for alternatives; sadly, there is not always a clear cut answer. Yes, there is roll 20, zoom, and other avenues, but that is not always the answer. If you have given up on looking for avenues but are still looking for ways to roleplay then you are in luck. A little under two months, I had the opportunity to meet with Wild River Games to preview The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes for PC.

Now, this is a game I originally slept on after previewing it. Yes, I know that’s a horrible thing to say about a game, especially because of all the hard work that goes into making them; however, at the time, things were a bit chaotic and I was craving something that had a multiplayer element. Little did I know at the time, that The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes will have Co-Op capabilities. This is due to the fact the demo focused on a single-player campaign despite having multiple stations. Now I get it, Why should they have a four-player co-op option when they have only a few stations? So yes, I will say they were correct with how they presented the game.

So what made me think of a game I forgot about originally? Easy answer, Spring cleaning. As I was going through stuff I brought back from PAX East, I found some books that I had received. So I decided to look through them and it all came back. I could finally understand what the developers were trying to convey in their game. They weren’t trying to be like Diablo or Baulder’s Gate, but rather bring their campaigns to the gaming platforms.

The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes Preview

At the start of the demo, we were tasked with creating a character. Once the physical attributions portion of the development was done, we were then given cards to choose between. Each card represented a different character background trait that helped to define the character. Originally I questioned why the demo had players going so far in-depth with their choices, but then it dawned on me. The choices the player made rounded out their character but also guide their responses to interaction as well as how the game would guide you; at least that’s how it appeared during our short preview.

The game started with us in a tavern. Our job, find out what was going on and how to proceed. The player is given the freedom to talk with different NPCs, pick their quests, and even choose how they want to level up. When the player finally sets out on a quest, the game loads a map and the player receives a bit more detail about the quest; however, no marker emerges on the map. The game allows you to be an adventure and discover your own way. In ways, the PC adaptation is a mix of Diablo 2 and Dungeons & Dragons.

In the demo, we had the opportunity to hire mercenaries to accompany us on our quests. This made combat in the game a bit easier.


Now looking back at our preview of The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes, I really did sleep on this game. I remembered playing it but very little until I start looking at gameplay clips, then it all came rushing back. Not only did I enjoy the game, but I took a little bit of extra time to play through a few quests. If you are looking to learn more about The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes, I would recommend checking out their steam page.

I am sorry, I have failed you Rockers. The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes is scheduled to be released on June 9th, 2020.

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