MMO’s Tavern – Episode 3 “The One That Didn’t Get Lost”

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Greetings Everyone,

On this episode of MMO’s Tavern I talk about the first patch for ArcheAge, the first ever Guild Summit for The Elder Scrolls Online, Destiny’s patch 1.0.2, and coming end of PvP Season 15 in World of Warcraft. Best of all, this episode didn’t get stolen by some drunk gremlins!

So sit back, enjoy, and, as always, the links are in the video description.

Sarah is the foremost supporter of all things glittery and awesome. While not flashmobbing (can it still be called a flashmob if he's by himself?) innocent civilians in the grocery store while wearing a Dracula Halloween costume that's obviously too small for him, Thom is planning his next flashmob.

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