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Daddy Gamer Episode 13 Untitled Goose Game

A new episode of Daddy Gamer featuring everyone’s favorite water fowl from Untitled Goose Game has finally arrived after a ton of major updates to the sho...[Read More]

Daddy Gamer Episode 12: Oxenfree

Nothing quite says Christmas than a months late slightly Halloween intended episode of Daddy Gamer! So here is your holiday-themed (though the wrong holiday) vi...[Read More]

Daddy Gamer Episode 10: Wizardry V

My first thought writing this feature is the fact that there are now 10 episodes of Daddy Gamer out there for people to enjoy! Wizardry V is the game that marks...[Read More]

Daddy Gamer Episode 08: DragonLance Movie

DragonLance helped define me as a person. I am a huge fan of Lord of the Rings, Kingskiller Chronicles, Forgotten Realms, Dungeons and Dragons, and by extension...[Read More]

Daddy Gamer PAX West 2017 Video

I recently went to PAX West and it was amazing! Check this video where I go over the Daddy Gamer PAX West 2017 experience! I got to play some really fun games, ...[Read More]

Daddy Gamer Episode 07: Quest for the Code

Quest for the Code is an oddity of a game that sits very close to my heart and relates to something that has always been pretty important to me. Asthma, more sp...[Read More]

My Summer Games Done Quick Experience

Summer Games Done Quick, what is it? Speedrunning, what is that? Gamers play for charity? I didn’t know they did that. These are probably some questions g...[Read More]

Memorable Dads in Gaming

Father’s day really got me thinking about Dad in video games. A lot of games either have the dad completely absent with no mention or his role is simply o...[Read More]

Daddy Gamer Episode 6 – LA Noire

This was probably the most fun I’ve had making an episode yet! Going in with the intention of having a different look and feel to the skit segments was a ...[Read More]

Daddy Gamer Episode 5 – Chariot

This was a game that was a blast to play and review! The entire family got in on it, whether they were playing or not! Frima definitely created something specia...[Read More]

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